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    Chokes and other components for inductive energy transmission

    At ALDERS we supply high-grade, inductive components by our premium partner Wearnes Cambion. The manufacturer also produces chokes, inductors and coils that are used to equip PBCs. Chokes are inductive components with which electrical currents in lines can be limited or, for example, in which energy can be stored temporarily as a magnetic field. Chokes are, however, also used for impedance matching in high-frequency technology. Chokes are used in the field of power supply of electric and electronic devices and in power electronics, the low and high frequency technology.

    Coils are windings and winding goods that can create or detect a magnetic field. They are often built into OBCs of transformers, relays, electric motors or in loudspeakers. Inductors are special coils used for transmitting power and creating induction heat.

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    Coils and chokes for uninterrupted function of devices in aviation and medical technology

    Chokes and coils are also used in EMC filters that serve to clear device faults. EMC is short for electromagnetic compatibility, and ensures that electrical devices technical do not interfere with the function of another device due to electrical or electromechanic effects. Electromagnetic waves are constantly around us everywhere in our daily lives – but we don’t notice them. The devices that emit such waves are, for example, televisions, radios and mobile phones. Electromagnetic waves are indispensible for the functioning of these devices, however, vital, life-saving devices, such as pacemakers or machines can be put out of sync. This is why mobile phones should not be used in hospitals and airplanes.

    The EMC is therefore and indispensible quality feature of electronic devices and are very important, above all in aviation, military and medical technology. A further field of application of coils and chokes is as current transformers that transform energy into another energy type. And coils and chokes are also used in energy counters.

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    Inductive components with quality and reliability

    At ALDERS we rely on the manufacturer Wearnes Cambion that produces high performance electromechanic and inductive components. A special entrepreneurial feature of the British manufacturer is the individual modification of products. Wearnes Cambion is a globally operating traditional company with far-reaching technology experience. Originally the company was founded in 1930 in Cambridge in Massachusetts, USA and at that time was called Cambridge Thermionic Corporation, or Cambion. In 1961, the manufacturer of inductive components and printed board circuit (PBC) components opened up its first production facility in Great Britain and in 1991 was taken over by the Wearnes Group.

    The high quality and attractive prices of this manufacturer’s products is proven. Wearnes Cambion develops all its components itself and checks them critically on a regular basis. Furthermore, the company monitors the origin of the raw materials. Wearnes Cambion does not import raw materials from countries where the production is dominated by arbitrariness, violence and human rights abuses. That is why we at ALDERS can offer the inductive components by Wearnes Cambion with a clear conscious and have made the manufacturer our premium partner. At ALDERS we have over 30 years experience in supplying electromechanic components for the construction and agricultural machine technology, aviation, military technology, naval technology, motor sport, medical technology. So we know precisely what is important in these application areas. Put your trust in our expertise.

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