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Chokes and other components for inductive energy transmission

At ALDERS we supply high-grade, inductive components by our premium partner Wearnes Cambion. The manufacturer also produces chokes, inductors and coils that are used to equip PBCs. Chokes are inductive components with which electrical currents in lines can be limited or, for example, in which energy can be stored temporarily as a magnetic field. Chokes are, however, also used for impedance matching in high-frequency technology. Chokes are used in the field of power supply of electric and electronic devices and in power electronics, the low and high frequency technology.

Coils are windings and winding goods that can create or detect a magnetic field. They are often built into OBCs of transformers, relays, electric motors or in loudspeakers. Inductors are special coils used for transmitting power and creating induction heat.