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Finger joystick

Finger joysticks are a variation of the standard joystick. They fall under the category of control elements which are used for entering commands on devices and are equipped with a small lever that can be moved in different directions. This, for example, allows vehicles to be controlled and steered. In addition, pushbuttons are often fitted to enable further operational functions. However, the overall output signal is always influenced by the direct deflection of the lever. There are diverse designs, including uniaxial or multiaxial joysticks. The difference in these two variations lies in the directional dimensions in which the device can be operated. While uniaxial models can primarily handle simple forward and backward movements, multiaxial finger joysticks offer further directions of movement. As an electromechanical component, a joystick is usually the basis for a complete control element to which further functions can be added by means of supplementary buttons. With a finger joystick, the lever can only be operated by individual fingers.

The use of finger joysticks

In general, finger joysticks are used in a number of different areas, wherever high precision is required. Examples of this include medical and laboratory technology to control tactile sensors and small devices. Finger joysticks can also be found as an element of PTZ controls for film and surveillance cameras or in laser welding systems.