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Rotary switches

Rotary switches are used to switch circuits on or off. This is done by moving the control element.Therefore, different switch positions can be assigned to diverse functions. Rotary switches are also known as rotary coding switches.

Rotary switches are reliable and durable operating elements and thus used in numerous sectors – they are applied in manufacturing and trade, in medical science, in automotive engineering of all kinds, in tool technology, in building services and in the aerospace industry. These sectors rely on rotary switches to perform various functions. Rotary switches are, for example, installed on control panels and printed circuit boards.

Rotary switches are available in single-pole or multi-pole versions and can take up different positions depending on the number of connections and the intended use. Depending on the configuration, rotary switches can also be equipped with different operating elements. A protection against water and dust at different levels of an IP certification is also possible.