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Self-sealing nuts

Self-sealing nuts, also known as stop nuts, are mainly used in areas with particularly high pressure. Here, the loss of liquids or gas is more probable. These areas could be tanks or other containers as well as some objects used in marine technology and shipbuilding. Self-sealing nuts are exposed to enormous forces and therefore require a stable and reliable design.

The functionality of self-sealing nuts is quite simple and can be described briefly. A flexible ring, which is made of silicone or a similar material, is incorporated above the thread. The ring fills the tiny air pockets between the profiled notches and the outside world. This effectively prevents the loss of substances. Self-sealing nuts of this type are reusable and can be used both from the outside and the inside. They can withstand large temperature differences and pressure of well over 1,000 bar.

Self-sealing nuts are generally compatible with common tools. Special equipment is not required for the attachment or removal of the self-sealing nut. It is also not necessary to use sealing compounds, additional sealing rings or special surface preparation measures.