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Toggle switch

The toggle switch is one of the simplest and most widely used types of switches. In their simplest form, toggle switches have a single control element that can be used to close or interrupt the circuit.

Toggle switches can be used in a variety of ways. Numerous kinds of toggle switches find their home in industrial work, for example. Watertight toggle switches are common, as are particularly robust or small models, which are used on circuit boards. The latter are called miniature toggle switches or subminiature toggle switches, depending on their size. There are also variants that have been specially designed for use under high or low voltage.

Depending on the design and the intended application, the inner workings as well as the cladding of a toggle switch can differ considerably. For example, a toggle switch can be monopolar or multipolar. As such, the types and number of parts that can be found inside of different toggle switches can vary. A common feature of all toggle switches is that upon the actuation of the switch, a moving contact for closing the circuit meets a stationary contact, or is removed from it in order to separate the energy flow. Thanks to this generally quite simple design, toggle switches usually have a very long component life.