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Waterproof pushbuttons

Waterproof pushbuttons are electrical contactors which are protected against the ingress of water and dust thanks to their design. This means that they do not require any additional covers, casings, or caps in order to perform their function as intended.

Pushbuttons are similar to switches in application and function. The difference between them lies in the fact that a pushbutton returns to its initial position after a contact has been established, while a switch remains in its current position until it is actuated again.

Waterproof pushbuttons are protected against dirt and water

The degree to which a waterproof pushbutton or any other technical device or component is actually safe from the ingress of dust and water is indicated by its classification according to the International Protection Code (IP). The code’s first number indicates protection against dust or other particles, the second determines protection against splashing, jets of water or complete submersion. Protection against penetrating liquids is particularly important with waterproof pushbuttons, as even slight moisture inside the pushbutton can lead to malfunction – the electrical contacts are particularly at risk.

Applications for waterproof pushbuttons

Waterproof pushbuttons are used, for example, in boat and ship building. Due to special safety and hygiene regulations, waterproof pushbuttons that can withstand these difficult conditions are also frequently found on devices used in industrial production. The same also applies to machines or vehicles frequently used outdoors or in adverse conditions – often, they too rely on waterproof pushbuttons.