NKK Switches Push button KP04 series

Simultaneous illumination with red, green and blue light
enables a wide range of light emission options.

The RGBW type is simultaneously equipped with a white LED
to reproduce a brilliant colour tone for white illumination.

Three types of caps are available
with projected control surface are available
(sculpted cap, flat cap, home button
cap), and each button is available in three
sizes: 12 mm square, 15 mm square and 17.4 mm square.

The unique structure achieves ease of use with a travel of
3.5 mm and nominal actuating force of 1.6 N, the height from the PCB to the top of the cap is 23 mm.

The KP04 series has the same height as the IS series, so both can be used on the same PCB.


  • For broadcast application
  • SMT mounting
  • Noiseless version possible
  • Red/Green/Blue/White (RGBW) LED or RGB LED available
  • Various cap shapes and sizes available

Documents & downloads

KP04 Datenblatt
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