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Lever switches

Lever switches, which in the professional field are referred to as toggle switches or toggle lever switches, connect or disconnect an electrical switching contact. The switching state is either open (off) or closed (on). Specifically, it is a mechanically, directly actuated switch. This precise switching technology is used in the manufacture of industrial products, in machine and plant construction as well as in ship and aircraft construction. The actuating element is protected against touching the live switching contacts and operates with spring force. The contacts are made of precious metals, the housings of thermally stable plastics.

A distinction is made between single-pole and up to three-pole products, depending on the number of contact paths. These can be identified by the English abbreviations S, D and T for single, double and triple. There are also four-pole industrial designs with the abbreviation Q.

Installation and safety of lever switches

The compact individual and series parts are suitable for front panel or rear panel mounting. For outdoor and industrial use, high-quality models insulated against dust, dirt, and moisture are recommended. Depending on the model, lever switches are connected either via a solder connection or screw mounting. There are also quick connectors, so-called QC terminals.